Our National Ambassador is asking that we get the community involved more with our youth and some of the ways we can do this is to:

  • “Involve, Include and Educate” our youth to insure that they become responsible adults and citizens.
  • Participate in local festivals, fairs, parades and other events held in the community.
  • Involve the families through the R.A.P. coin or card.

Our program goals are:

  • Youth groups supporting our Veterans with citations from National
  • Sponsoring and working with youth groups i.e. scouts, church groups, JROTC at the schools, ball teams etc.
  • Random Acts of Patriotism cards and coins.

Do you know a teacher?  Ask if you can come into their classroom and talk to the students give out the R.A.P. card and leave some with the teacher so that they can give them out.  Ask, them to report back to you when they hand them out.

I’m looking forward to some great reports and ideas to help each other in this program.

Youth Chairman – Kim Lawson