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Feb. 2019 Hospital Request

Intimate Partner Violence

Salute to Veterans Week

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Oct. 2018 – Hospital Disaster Relieve

Oct. 2018 – Hospital Volunteers Needed

Oct. 2018 – VA_Disaster_Assistance

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Oct. 2018 – Objective Zero Info

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Sept. 2018 – Hospital Promotion

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September 2018 – Suicide Prevention and Awareness

Stand Down 2018 Reminder

Sept. 2018 Hospital

Sept. 2018 – Hospital Suicide Awareness

Sept. 2018 – Hospital volunteers

Sept. 2018 – Stand Down Reminder


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Gun Safety Information

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Stand Down Sept. 20th

Suicide Prevention – IMPORTANT

Tilton Vets Home Events Aug – Oct. 2018

Veterans Voices Writing Project

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Aug. 2018 Hospital

July 2018 – Hospital Informational Newsletter

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Dec 2017 Vets Writing Proj

Nov. 2017 Hospital Taking the Right Steps

Stand Down document 2017

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Aug. Hospital Program Certificate of Appreciation

The goal of the Hospital & VAVS program is to meet the needs of hospitalized patients in VA Medical Centers and other hospitals throughout this country. With the influx of this generation’s veterans and the rise in long-term rehabilitative services, there is a greater need for volunteers. However, the type of help needed is changing. Be sure to speak with your local VAVS Representative to find out how you can serve these special veterans.

In 1928 Volunteer Hospital work became the second National Program adopted by the Ladies Auxiliary VFW. As America’s troops return from battle and aging warriors need medical attention, the Auxiliary has been there to assist with a cheerful smile, an encouraging word, and time to write or read a letter from loved ones. The organization volunteers 1.8 million hours a year.

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