News from the President


I’m excited that with this new era of eligibility we will see many opportunities for growth and a new commitment to our programs.  Allof you know that saying “that’s the way we’ve always done it”, and for some of us it’s difficult because that’s the way we were taught.  But now we have new eyes to see things through and help us to do many of our programs in different ways.  now more than ever our unity is our strength to make this Great Organization a “Mighty” one!  With this new beginning, let all of us put some old prejudice behind us and work to make sure we are aware of each other’s feelings.  With calmer, friendlier thoughts and actions we can grow and promote the excitement to do all the good things we do and always have done for our VETERANS and our organization!  

I thank all of you for your constant support through the years and we are counting on you more than ever to make it a great  year!!

Hugs,  Donna

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